29 Apr 2018

SOLD OUT 1 day ‘The art of food stories’ London Workshop with Rachel Korinek


We know that you love what you do! You could spend hours taking pictures of your favourite food, you wouldn’t hesitate to climb on that chair or even a table to take the best shot of your dish. It’s what makes your heart beat faster! But you want to take images more intentionally, you want to know why some things work in photography and what these things are!

You are ready to push your creative comfort zone, and learn how to create images that really stand out, catch people’s attention and reflect your own unique food story.

We know, because we are creatives just like you and we’ve faced the same challenges. Let us share with you our tricks, know-how and secrets that we’ve learned from years of working as professional photographers.

If you feel like:

  • Your photos lack something but you don’t know exactly what you’re missing. We’ll help you uncover what that secret sauce is.
  • You want to learn how to create images that reflect your unique story, we’ll help you craft emotions that will catch your viewer’s attention.
  • Props are taking over your entire house (!!!) and you’ve been buying them thinking that they will improve your food images, but they don’t….. (No judgment! We went through this too!), we’ll share tips and tricks for getting the most out of your props.
  • You want to create photos with more intention, we’ll share the ‘whys’ behind what makes an aesthetically pleasingand drool-worthy image so you can nail your composition.
  • You’re bored or frustrated with how you’re capturing light, we’ll share with you how to harness the beauty of natural light to create stunning imagery, every time.

If this gets you excited, then my lovely creative – this class is for you!

We’ll teach you the essentials of how to create food images more intentionally and help you understand what works in these *damn* delicious images that make you stop scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feed and apply these rules to your own work.

Workshop highlights.

How to use natural light to create MAGIC!

Yes, that’s right! Because the minute you stop taking pictures of objects and start taking pictures of light – that’s when the magic happens. We’ll cover:

  • Types of light
  • How to manipulate it for beautiful photos no matter what tools you have
  • The *sweet spot* to shoot in (that adds beautiful drama and emotion)
  • Help you to decipher how to get the light you crave from your favourite inspiration images.
  • Tips and tricks with camera settings to maximise the light you have

Essential composition you need to create BREATHTAKING food stories.

Learn to create interest and beauty in your images with more intention that allows the viewer to connect with your story. We’ll cover:

  • How to tell a story without it looking ‘forced’ or ‘staged’
  • The incredible power of colour theory
  • How to get the most out of your props by creating a ‘prop capsule’ and stop spending money on props you don’t even need!
  • What our ‘go-to’ composition techniques are that allow us to craft our very unique styles

And we know you’re curious!!! So we will be taking you behind the scenes and show you step by step how we compose our images!

I mean, who doesn’t love live demonstrations?


Workshop details.

Price: £357 early bird, £395 full price, (early bird from 28th Feb – 7th Mar 2018)
Date: Sunday 29th April 2018.
Location: Rye London Studio, London.
Time: 10am – 4pm


  • Two professional mentors, who’ve had serious success in the industry
  • Hands-on styling and composition demonstrations
  • Powerful (and easy) light manipulation techniques, without expensive aids
  • Guided assistance to find your ‘go-to’ compositional theories to help you find your unique style
  • Small intimate class size
  • Lunch with passionate creatives, just like you
  • Live Q + A with us
  • Workshop course notes
  • One follow up email to get feedback on your new skills in light and composition, (to the mentor of your choice