Beata LubasI was born and raised in a small, picturesque town in south- west of Poland. Living close to nature made me extremely sensitive to the beauty of surrounding me world. I’m now living in England(which is absolutely stunning too!), were I moved with my husband in 2006.

After several years of searching for what truly makes me happy, I finally found my lifelong passion: food photography. I’ve always been enthusiastic about food, whether it was a new dish I tried, new ingredient I discovered or a new cookbook I came across. Photography made my love affair with food complete.

Only a couple of months after changing my career path, my photo was short-listed in Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition, judged by some of the most influential people in food and photography business.I was also announced one of the top food photographers in 2014 by The Interactive Design Institute.

Honing my photography skills has been an inspiring journey that really enriched my life. I am a self-thought food photographer and a believer that if you’re determined and fully in love with your passion, everything is possible. I am a visual storyteller and my photographs are strongly influenced by the natural light and how it changes throughout the day and through the seasons. My style focuses on colours and textures and I always want to expresses the emotions behind the dish.

I am based in the Midlands but I am also willing to travel around
to unleash my creativity on various photography projects.

The food you’ll find in my portfolio was prepared, styled and shoot by me.